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Handcrafted Leather... My story.

I have used Moleskine journals for years and usually I would wear them out before I was finished filling the pages. I'm not the most gentle user... I started looking for alternative books and could not find a better, more durable book with high quality paper. I then started looking for a cover of some type to protect the Moleskine from extended wear.

Leather was the only real choice I could come up with that would protect from my extended torture. When I was looking for a suitable cover, I was not able to find a cover that was up to my standards. I was looking for the best leather, the best thread and the best craftsmanship.

Like most things in my life I decided to tackle the problem head on. Little did I know I was about to embark on a journey that would change my life.

In the process of making my own cover I found therapy! The process of making leather items is the best therapy, mental and physical. It was such a journey to perfect the trade and artistry of leather work, where some people would get overwhelmed, I was humbled and challenged in ways I could not imagine. Over several months I learned the difference between cheap leather hides, good leather hides and the best leather hides. I discovered what it was like to use the wrong thread and the best thread. Designing the product was not any issue, my background in drafting and CAD enables me to create my items in 2D and 3D before they are made. I feel as though I have an advantage over lots of other leather workers because of this.

After a few months... I had created more than just my Moleskine Journal Cover. I had also made a few Wallets, Business Card Holders, Checkbook Covers and several other items. These items received so many compliments I opened a store on Etsy.

Now, its a few years later, many craft shows and trade shows, hundreds of Etsy sales and hundreds of 5 star reviews, I am now working full time creating heirloom quality leather goods that will last generations.

I hope you get the pleasure of enjoying my leather goods.



David Donovan

Maker, Designer and Owner